15 years of experience in Robotics and Ocean Engineering

SEABER is the result of the gathering of 4 unconventional characters. Vidal and Quentin have more than 15 successful years in designing AUVs for scientific and industrial offshore applications. Julien and Clément work with passion in the field of mobile robotics for more than 12 years and they bring to SEABER their technical and industrial expertise, along with fresh eyes and an innovative approach. The four of them have always shared an authentic obsession for creativity, robotics, and marine technologies.

Their complementary skills and enthusiasm are the key to achieving their mission: to revolutionize the world of AUVs by designing the first micro-AUVs that will reshape our approach to oceanographic exploration.

Creativity, Efficiency & Integrity

Our purpose

We want to give access to reliable ocean data by the use of underwater vehicle accessible to all.
Where qualitative ocean sensors became smaller and more accessible, autonomous underwater vehicles is the next step.
We think that AUV technology shall not be anymore reserved to high budgets and complex mode of uses and shall be deployable in all type of water including coastal areas.
Reliable micro-AUV shall come together with the transition in making water data acquisition more efficient no matter the application such as ocean physics, hydrographic surveys, environmental consents or lake monitoring.

The team

Focused, experienced, passionate.
SEABER team is focused on single line of product. No matter the payloads and the application SEABER is 100% dedicated to its YUCO micro underwater vehicle. This allow us to be the most adaptive and responsive to users requirements.
From sales to engineering it is years of experience in Ocean instrumentation, robotics and underwater drones that have been gathered just at the right time to be able to provide such unique underwater vehicle technology.
At SEABER shares years of passion and innovation as well as water and ocean related concerns. We really love what we do and we hope it reflects from YUCO micro-AUV design and performances to the support we provide from SEABER.

Our vision

Unmanned Underwater Vehicles have revolutionized our ocean exploration. Thanks to their ability to be equipped with various payloads they have a wide range of capabilities and are increasingly being used in scientific, commercial and defense applications.
Medium and Large AUVs that can weight hundreds of kilograms are able to carry a wide range of payloads at the same time. Deploying such large AUV requires a high degree of expertise as well as large vessels. These AUVs are the perfect fit to perform complex missions. Regarding the continental shelf, the future belongs to fleets of numerous small, agile, and affordable AUVs. Indeed agile micro-AUVs are more adapted to short-term measurements in coastal areas thanks to their light weight, maneuverability and their ease of deployment.

Our values

Creativity, efficiency, integrity
All ideas from the team or form our customers and advisors about our underwater vehicle are taken into account and we let space to our collaborators of initiative and creativity.
SEABER is a mix of autonomy, experience and collegial decision making to reach efficiency. In less than 9 months a fully operational YUCO was designed and navigating underwater. This value and way of working is shared with all our collaborators.
We have a strong environmental commitment putting importance in the lowest carbon footprint in the conception and the use of our underwater vehicles.