SEABER is an innovative company that designs and manufactures highly reliable micro-AUVs, for research and commercial oceanographic applications.
After years of experience and with a shared obsession for robotics and marine technologies, we decided to use our expertise and knowledge to develop the YUCO, the first micro-AUV that meets the specific needs of oceanographic researchers.
We believe that the future of ocean exploration belongs to fleets of numerous small, agile, and affordable AUVs.

YUCO micro AUV by Seaber

Multi-modal single person deployment

An advanced YUCO micro AUV

A wide range of AUVs adapted to your missions

YUCO-CARRIER, micro AUV by Seaber


(+ Options)

19 900 € *
*All included

YUCO-SCAN, micro AUV by Seaber

+ Side Scan


49 880 €*
*All included

YUCO-CTD, micro AUV by Seaber

+ CTD RBR Legato

(+ Options)

43 800 €*
*All included

YUCO-PHYSICO, micro AUV by Seaber

+ Multi-Parameter AML

(+ Options)

34 900 € *
*All included

YUCO-CARRIER, micro AUV by Seaber

+ Acoustic recorder

(+ Options)

35 800 € *
*All included

Why YUCO is unique

Yuco Carrier - micro-AUV Seaber

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Seaber’s News

We thank you for following us !

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Honored to announce that IFREMER and SEABER have started a collaboration with the MICO project…

Lot of success for the YUCO at Ocean Business 2021!

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