SEABER is an innovative company that designs and manufactures highly reliable micro-AUVs, for research and commercial oceanographic applications.
After years of experience and with a shared obsession for robotics and marine technologies, we decided to use our expertise and knowledge to develop the YUCO, the first micro-AUV that meets the specific needs of oceanographic researchers.
We believe that the future of ocean exploration belongs to fleets of numerous small, agile, and affordable AUVs.

YUCO micro-AUV by Seaber

Multi-modal single person deployment

An advanced YUCO micro AUV

A wide range of AUVs adapted to your missions

YUCO-CARRIER, micro AUV by Seaber


(+ Options)

23 300 € *
*All included

YUCO-SCAN, micro AUV by Seaber

+ Side Scan


55 100 €*
*All included

YUCO-CTD, micro AUV by Seaber

+ CTD RBR Legato

(+ Options)

49 200 €*
*All included

YUCO-PHYSICO, micro AUV by Seaber

+ Multi-Parameter AML

(+ Options)

40 300 € *
*All included

YUCO-CARRIER, micro AUV by Seaber

+ Acoustic recorder

(+ Options)

40 200 € *
*All included

Why YUCO is unique

Yuco Carrier - micro-AUV Seaber

Select your mission

AUV with side scan sonar for hydrography
UUV with multi-probe for in land waters
Micro-AUV for Marine biology
Side-scan sonar for seabed inspection

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