YUCO-PHYSICO, the most compact micro-AUV with AML-3 multiparameter sondes

Yuco PHYSICO - micro-AUV Seaber

YUCO-PHYSICO micro-AUV is a game changer in water-quality monitoring. It offers the most versatile solution to monitor physico-chemical parameters in varied depth and great superficies.
Instead of single or a couple of sensors, it is a fully autonomous multiparameter sonde than the YUCO-PHYSICO micro-AUV is embedding. Any sensor from the sonde manufacturer proposed range can be used on YUCO-PHYSICO micro-AUV, such as, Sound Velocity, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen, Turbidity, pH, Chlorophyll A, Crude-oil, etc.)
YUCO-PHYSICO has great manoeuvrability even in very narrow and shallow waters makes it ideal to monitor micro-structures. An optional DVL can be used in option for greater navigation accuracy in current area.
Easy to use SEAPLAN software proposes numerous navigation modes that are ideal to get expected measurement in the water with YUCO-PHYSICO micro-AUV.

On the one hand it provides possibility to interchange the different water quality sensors from the sonde.
On the other hand, YUCO-MultiSonde micro-AUV gives the possibility to remove and re-install the multiparameter sonde from the underwater vehicle and use it, for manual profiles for example.

Launch of the micro-AUV YUCO CTD. YUCO is embedded with CTD-RBR.
Remote control of the micro-AUV CTD
Launch of the micro-AUV YUCO from a boat
Detailled plan of the micro-AUV YUCO

Lenght: 123cm
Diameter: 12cm
Weight in air: 9,5kg

Depth rating: 300m
Speed: 2 to 6 knots
Endurance: 10 hours at 2,5 knots


The AML-3 series is a highly configurable family of multiparameter sondes designed for a wide range of data collection applications. The ‘3’ designation refers to the number of sensors that may be simultaneously installed on the instrument’s endcap.

YUCO-CTD offers the possibility to integrate a DVL for a more accurate navigation.

For complementary payload options please contact us.
You can also configure you YUCO on the pricing section.

Applications examples:

  • Oceanography
  • Lake water structure – water quality
  • Marine pollution
  • Environnemental survey
  • Polar research
  • Fisheries
  • Aquaculture