YUCO the micro-AUV

deployed and recovered with confidence

Big revolution in a small Pink AUV

Reflecting SEABER’s co-founders, YUCO gathers boldness, innovation, reliability and efficiency.

The name YUCO finds its roots in the Patagonian Selk’nam tribe whose people had reputation to be stiff and resilient to extreme environments. YUCO also means « sharp », which reflects the excellence and originality of the team and appears on the shape of the nose.
We’ve united all our know-how to make YUCO an uniquely reliable tool combining exceptional performances and low maintenance, which is operable in all types of coastal waters.

Launch of the micro-UUV YUCO CTD. YUCO embedded with CTD-RBR.
Micro-AUV YUCO and its transport case

Changing the uses in AUVs

A simple glance at the YUCO is reflecting the disruptive approach of YUCO micro-AUV.

We worked hard to make the AUV technology now accessible to all types of users and be really used as an autonomous patform that you trust underwater release operator to perform other tasks meanwhile.

We focus on single task “off-the-self” micro-AUVs affordable and reliable that can be delivered swiftly and deployed just after being received.

A robust bio-inspired design

AUVs robustness is an important point and the first risk for an AUV is water leaks, for instance in the mast area and the fins.

To ensure perfect sealing, YUCO is compartmented in 2 sections. The dry section located in the middle and rear area is never to be opened by the user. This section hosts everything dedicated to navigation, including batteries, actuators, localization sensors and embedded electronics. The wet section located in the front (nose) hosts the payloads (measurement devices) which are accessible to users. The wet section also embeds all necessary connectors, for quick plug-and-play integration of new sensors.
To ensure everyday use in rough conditions, critical parts like mast and fins have been optimized over the years leading to a robust bio-inspired design.

Sketch to 3D version of the micro-AUV YUCO
INX Embedded logo

Intuitive Navigation eXperience

SEABER team developed their own accurate navigation system for YUCO micro-AUVs, the INX©. Based on in-house advanced underwater navigation algorithms and being fully owned development, INX© provides full mastering of the navigation performances. This gives SEABER the capability to evaluate and tune the thinnest parameter, to optimize and continuously improve the navigation experience. DVL and depth sensors are fully integrated providing the most cost-efficient micro-AUV navigation in coastal waters without requiring external action.

SEAPLAN, an intuitive mission planner

SEAPLAN is a powerful and modern GUI that offers programming flexibility, intuitiveness and ease of use. A great type of navigational segments and patterns can be programmed and the activation of payload can be flexibly chosen. YUCO’s programming offers unique navigation modes dedicated to specific payloads such as « shutdown surfacing », ideal for CTD and PAM.
The SEAPLAN interface is accessible via WiFi for access through different platforms. YUCO can also be recharged while being programmed.

Interface of the SEAPLAN software developed by SEABER
Remote control of the micro-AUV CTD

SEACOMM, track and recover YUCO easily

One of the main risks in AUV use is to lose it at sea. That is why YUCO has several key features to ensure a smooth recovery.

On the surface, you can easily spot it day and night thanks to its neon pink body color and its powerful flashing LEDs. To ensure surface communication, YUCO’s mast is equipped with 3 types of wireless communication antennas: satellite, GSM and radio.

Furthermore, a handheld remote control called SEACOMM displays YUCO’s GPS positions when it is at the surface and includes the very appreciated “come-back-to-my-position” function.

We provide an affordable range of micro-AUV operable in all types of coastal waters, which combines exceptional performances and low maintenance.

SEABER team has developed a range of several micro-AUVs carefully designed toward customers’ key expectations: high reliability, precise navigation and lean deployment. YUCO micro-AUV aims for a new way to use AUVS by being single-task and affordable.

Common features

Depth rating: 300m
Weight: 8kg
Length: 100cm
Diameter: 12cm
Speed: 2,5 to 6 knots max
Endurance: 6 up to 10 hours mission
Only rechargeable batteries

Find the YUCO that fits your needs

Sketch of the micro-AUV YUCO and its dimensions

A wide range of AUVs adapted to your missions


YUCO-CARRIER, micro AUV by Seaber


(+ Options)

23 300 € *
*All included


YUCO-SCAN, micro AUV by Seaber

+ Side Scan


55 100 € *
*All included


YUCO-CTD, micro AUV by Seaber

+ CTD RBR Legato

(+ Options)

49 200 € *
*All included


YUCO-PHYSICO, micro AUV by Seaber

+ Multi-Parameter AML

(+ Options)

40 300 € *
*All included


3D imagery of the micro-AUV YUCO

+ Acoustic recorder

(+ Options)

40 200 € *
*All included